On Socio-Economic Nature of Perversions

For some time now, since public transport has begun “hitting the pocket” more significantly, I have got a wonderful habit of walking home from work on foot. I go, look around and think about something that I don't usually have time to think about; I look at hurrying passers-by, at showcases of appallingly stupid advertising… In general, I look at today's world. Have you ever paid your attention to the public, which daily and hourly walks around in your city? I assure you, this is a very exciting spectacle. Especially you should hold your look on the young – and not so young – men in tight pants, with curved legs, shoes on his bare feet, scanty jacket barely covering the frail body, with a scarf of bright colors, wrapped at the neck as if the person has a chronic sore throat. Not to mention the haircut: plucked like a chicken after slaughter, unimaginable hair color, sprayed with varnish. Yes, also different “fashionable” accessories, hanging in the ears or in the nose – well, who likes what. And such perverted public is met more and more often. Sometimes you really want to come up and say everything you think about him. Meanwhile, you are well aware and horrified at the same time – that this is the future and current generation of your country! Modern people, especially young people, unfortunately, are rarely aware of who and what is behind these “creative” perverts. People who understand that, always say: “Well, what can we do?”

First of all, we must understand that this pervesion does not come out of nothing. All these phenomena have a competent and cynical director, who very ably and successfully throws the mutant-seeds in today's fertile soil fertilized by social and economic inequality, poverty and lawlessness, ethical and moral decay. We must know and understand what caused the occurrence of these “creative” perverts in our sick society. We must know and understand how and who is fighting with this rabble, that has flooded not only the streets, but also the media.

Source: “Agitation and Propaganda” – Konstantin Semin's author blog