Proletarian Word About Corruption in General and Saturday Rally in Particular

Dear comrades!

For several months now, with disdainful curiosity, we have been squabbling among our imperious bourgeois elite. First, they were throwing mud in each other during the pre-election period. Then they were fighting for the chairs in the government. Now we see how those who have been driven away from the feeding trough suddenly call us to protest in the name of all the good against all the bad. What does this mean for the conscious proletarian? Let's figure it out.

Those fighters for justice, who today stand “for our right to decide for ourselves,” did not call you to the protests when our factories closed and hundreds of workers turned out on the street.

Those fake “social democrats” who are now going to hold a rally “against the old parties” did not support the protests of doctors and bus drivers, did not prevent the bourgeoisie from attacking the rights of workers.

Business and politicsThose hypocritical politicians who today oppose the “division into Latvians and non-Latvians” giggled at you when you came out to defend the right of children to learn in their native language.

And then they suddenly called us to protest on the square. Why? Simply because their “nerve” has been struck, the most sacred thing that a bourgeois has – the possibility of enrichment. The “feeding” has been reduced, some groups repel others from it. They use the most attractive slogans in order to attract people. One stands for nature, the other – for freedom. One interprets for the nation, the other – for innovation, the third – for occupation, fourth – for computerization. And they all stand together against corruption, and each blames the other for corruption.

But the class-conscious proletarian understands that bourgeois groups are not fighting against corruption, they are fighting for a place in the corruption, for their share in this very state-wide and even international corruption scheme. Corruption is only a symptom of the disease, and the disease itself is called imperialism. A hundred years ago, Lenin wrote about such properties of imperialism as “corruption, bribery in gigantic proportions, Panama of all kinds.” Panama was at that time a synonym for “corruption”, because of the most famous giant scam on the construction of the Panama Canal. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people lost their money, and none of the corrupt officials were practically hurt. Approximately the same scams are regularly made in our country when they purchase trolleybuses, electric trains, military equipment, police radars, electricity and everything else. Where the financial brook is slightly zapper, a parasite of one or another power group immediately appears, which sticks to it and pumps it into its pocket as much as it can, sometimes to complete draining. From time to time some streams dry up, others arise, some parasites get fat and insolent, others – lose weight and weaken. And then the battles between them arise, in which they call to participate us, honest workers. But conscious proletarians know that this is not our struggle. Helping to cling to the juices of the people's body to one parasite instead of another is stupid and useless.

Conscious proletarians stand for treating the disease itself, not its symptoms. Any doctor will tell you that it is necessary not to suppress the symptoms, but to get rid of the disease.

Therefore, please consider this post a propaganda of a healthy lifestyle!